+18 Is Aldi Mamia Milk The Same As Aptamil References

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+18 Is Aldi Mamia Milk The Same As Aptamil References. Aptimal formulas vs aldi mamia. The law on formula production is so strict there are no concerns for the safety of your baby.

+18 Is Aldi Mamia Milk The Same As Aptamil References
Mamia First Infant Milk 900g ALDI from groceries.aldi.co.uk

You're probably unlikely to find aldi trying to flog formula to parents who can't prepare it safely too. Aptimal formulas vs aldi mamia. I breastfed exclusively for 6 months then used aptimal for about a week before finding mamia, which i then used up to a year.

Since They Have Changed The Aptimil Formula Lo’s Silent Reflux Has Got Worse And He Is Being A Little Sick After Most Feeds.

We were using aptamil and switched to sma (aptamil made our little one very windy) Aptamil recently changed their recipe and the new formula made a few babies poorly and didn’t mix as well. Its not exactly the same but it is made in the same factory as aptimil.

I Was In Aldi Today And Saw The Mamia First Milk For £6.99!!!

Its half the price and apparently made in the same factory as aptamil! Aldi's mamia stage 1 infant formula. Hi everyone need some general advice.

Mamia Formula Milk In Aldi.

I've noticed this today for the first time and it's £4 cheaper per box than the aptamil we use so i'm going to switch and see how we go. Baby due in the next few weeks and i'm hoping to breast feed but my mum has said to get a formula milk in just incase. It’s almost half the price!!!

I Know All Babies Are Different And I Know Most Formulas Have The Same Ingredients.

Weve used the mamia aldi milk for our daughter and had no problems. Looking through the ingredients and contents there’s no real difference. Iv tried c&g before and it.

Acouple Of Weeks Later It Got Discontinued And Then Some Time Later They Brought It Back Out.

No i do not think it will upset her tummy, aldi’s formula is made by the same company as aptamil i believe, it’s just cheaper up buy. They have pretty much exactly the same ingredients. If you’re looking for nappies, wipes and lots of nutritious foods, you’ve come to the right place.

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